About PowerDash

Who We Are

Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, PowerDash provides web-based software tools for the management and monitoring of alternative energy installations. Our software collects data in real time from energy systems such as solar photovoltaic inverters and components and wind power meters and inverters. This energy data is then processed through PowerDash’s secure web services, which provide our customers with visualization, analysis, and independent verification of their energy performance.

These services enable our customers to remotely monitor their alternative energy performance, compare modeled/expected performance with actual generation, be alerted to lapses or underperformance in energy production that may indicate faults in the system, and discover optimizations if similar systems are achieving better energy performance.

PowerDash is also an independent, third-party verifier for renewable energy production. We help our customers to simplify the reporting of Renewable Energy Credit (REC) and Solar Renewable Energy Credit (SREC) generation, secure rebates offered by utilities and government agencies, and ensure compliance with production tracking requirements.

Why We Became a Benefit Corporation

PowerDash: Certified Benefit Corporation PowerDash was one of the first Massachusetts companies to become a Benefit Corporation when Massachusetts law provided for this option in December 2012. We took this step to institutionalize social responsibility into the very charter of our organization. We wanted to be held to high standards of employee treatment, social responsibility, and environmental stewardship. We knew that the process of developing an annual Benefit Report would provide a discipline that would help us to identify where we have strengths and where we have room for improvement. In 2016, we took the further step of becoming certified as a B Corporation by B Lab, a Pennsylvania-based nonprofit that is the recognized leader in benefit corporation certification.

Our corporate mission statement reflects our status as a Benefit Corporation and our desire to provide services that make a difference in the world:

PowerDash Inc. is a provider of web-based software that enables efficient management of residential and commercial alternative energy systems. We partner with leading solar, smart grid, and electric vehicle equipment manufacturers to enhance their offerings with our asset management and analytics software. We believe that a smart electric grid is a public good that should:
  • intelligently integrate alternative energy
  • be built on open standards and easy interoperability, and
  • foster and accelerate innovation.
As a Massachusetts Benefit Corporation, we strive to serve our employees, customers, the local and global community, and the environment with the highest standards of stewardship and care.