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MaSS - Upper Blackstone Water Abatement District

Upper Blackstone
Millbury, MA 01527
Since monitoring began 8/22/2012, this system has generated 3,332,908 kilowatt hours of clean energy.
Enough to offset...
lbs. of CO2 emissions, the main cause of global warming.
miles worth of CO2 emissions from the average American car.
Enough power for...
days of electricity usage in an average American house.
days using a 13-watt energy-efficient CFL light bulb.

Installation Profile

Array Azimuth Array Tilt Capacity Commissioned
337.260 AUG 22
162° 20° Kilowatts (DC) Aug 22, 2012

Hardware Assets

Module Type Module Wdc Quantity Total Capacity (kW DC)
Evergreen Solar ES 210 210 1606 337.260
Inverter Type Inverter Wac Quantity Total Capacity (kW AC)
Solectria SGI 300 300000 1 300.000